[I’M]Nobody Productions is a group of people that firmly believes in the power of media to foster civic engagement and encourage unity in communities. we are a group of passionate artists – photographers, editors, writers, and film producers – to help achieve the vision of a more tolerant, understanding, and motivated society.

Picture of Rob Deza

Rob Deza

Rob Deza discovered his love of film in 2010, before he had the financial means to pursue his new passion. In 2011, he got the opportunity to produce a video titled I Am Holyoke, which was based on a poem Rob wrote and celebrated the sense of community in the city of Holyoke. Following the success of that short film, with only a single, broken camera in his, Rob took a chance on his dream and created [I'M] Nobody Productions, a small production company based in Holyoke. From the beginning, he has set not only to produce quality videos, but to use the power of media to build community. He believes the key to success is passion, and he is always seeking new, talented, passionate people to enrich the work of [I'M] Nobody Productions. In 2010 Rob Deza, an accomplished photographer, discovered his connection with film. At the time he did not have the financial means to persue this new passion. Things changed in 2011 when he got the opportunity to produce a video featuring a poem he wrote about his community, "I Am Holyoke". Shortly after, Rob decided to take a chance on his dream and created [I'M] Nobody Productions, starting with a single, broken camera. He realized his passion was not just about producing quality videos, but more about making an impact in the city by connecting with the community. He believes the key to success is passion, and he is constantly seeking out talented, passionate people to enrich his work.

Picture of David Reyes

David Reyes

After graduating from Holyoke Community College with a degree in graphic design, David started working with Rob as his photographer and graphic designer. When [I'M] Nobody Productions was created, Rob motivated David to try video editing. Through this learning experience, David discovered video editing to be another of his passions and is currently a camera man and video editor.

Picture of Michelle Falcon Fontanez

Michelle Falcón Fontanez

“I was born and raised in Holyoke, growing up as a Latina in this city was never easy. I had many difficult challenges and obstacles I had to face. Latinos are often labeled and discriminated against, and as a result have limited opportunities available. My passion for film grew during my first year of college, where I discovered how powerful filmmaking can be. Soon after, I was given the opportunity to work with [I’M] Nobody Productions in January 2014. At the time, I did not realize how much impact the experience would have on me and on my work. I not only gained knowledge and skills in media, but also realized the importance of being educated, educating others and helping other people. I hope I can be a positive influence for those who come from similar backgrounds as myself and inspire them to pursue their aspirations.”

Currently at [I'M] Nobody Productions, Michelle acts as camera woman, assistant producer and video editor.